512 Flashcards for GCSE


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This product contains 512 printable flashcards for GCSE Computer Science and comes with a ‘site licence’, allowing these flashcards to be printed, photocopied and shared with students, who attend the licenced school/college/centre.

After purchase you will gain access to the flashcards in 2 formats.

  • One file will be the original product with 4 flashcards per page.
  • The second file will provide the flashcards on 8 cards per page, reducing printing, money and the environment.

The flashcards cover the following topics:

1.1 The Function of the CPU
1.2 CPU Characteristics
1.3 The Von Neumann Architecture
2.0 Memory
3.0 Storage
4.1 LANs
4.2 WANs
4.3 Wired, Wi-Fi and Protocols
4.4 System Security
5.1 Operating Systems
5.2 Utility Software
6.0 Ethical, Legal, Cultural and Environmental Concerns
7.1 Computational Thinking
7.2 Algorithms
7.3 Linear and Binary Search
7.4 Bubble Sort
7.5 Insertion Sort
7.6 Merge Sort
8.1 Programming Techniques – Variables & Data Types
8.2 Programming Techniques – Program Flow
8.3 Programming Techniques – Operations & String Manipulation
8.4 Programming Techniques – Arrays
8.5 Programming Techniques – File Handling
8.6 Programming Techniques – SQL and Databases
8.7 Programming Techniques – Procedures and Functions
9.1 Defensive Design
9.2 Testing Programs
10.0 Binary Logic
11.0 Translators and IDEs
12.1 Intro to Binary and Units
12.2 Converting, Adding and Shifting Binary Numbers
12.3 Hexadecimal Numbers
12.4 Characters
12.5 Images
12.6 Sounds
12.7 Compression

***Please note, these flashcards are provided with CSUK:ReviseCS site membership, within each ‘revision zone’. However, each downloadable flashcard file comes with a ‘Single User Licence‘ and so cannot be shared, photocopied or redistributed.***
This product is therefore aimed at teachers who wish to provide flashcards, year after year, for their students who do not have membership with CSUK:ReviseCS.

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