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Key Stage 3

Scratch, Micro:Bit, Python, HTML, Hardware, Data Representation, Networking …everything you need to deliver a varied and indepth key stage 3 curriculum.


Videos, presentations, and differentiated booklets…no more planning needed! Get all the lesson resources you need to deliver the  entire GCSE course.


Complete sets of lesson resources covering all aspects of the Computer Science A-Level …get set as you are ready to go!

Resources for Key Stages 3, 4 and 5

With a subscription to Computer Science UK you can say goodbye to all that planning!

Welcome to CSUK:Teacher, a website dedicated to providing computer science teaching resources for teachers of the new Computer Science curriculum.

The site is designed to bring you computer science teaching resources for the KS3, GCSE and A-Level curriculums. For teachers working in other education systems, KS3 covers the 11-14 age range, GCSE covers the 15-16 age range and A-Level covers ages 17-18.

The site is being updated all the time but there is already a wealth of computer science and programming teaching resources for you to access.

KS3 Slides
GCSE Slides
ALevel Slides

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Key Stage 3

Hardware, HTML, Scratch, Micro:Bits, Python, Binary…it is all covered!

The key stage 3 resources on offer at CSUK can be classed into 4 themes: Programming, Web Development, Game Making and Computer Science Theory.
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GCSE Resources


All aspects of the GCSE are covered with videos, detailed presentations and differentiated booklets. Resources cover the specification of all major UK exam boards, from OCR to Eduqas.

*NEW* CSUK's Algorithm Writing Guide & Workbook

The chapters in this 73 page workbook introduce students to generic programming constructs, individually, so that they can focus on mastering their ability to form algorithmic solutions using these constructs in isolation, before being introduced to others. And only after they have looked at each construct in isolation, will they begin to experience questions which require combinations of these constructs, at which point they will have had the prior success and built enough confidence, to tackle them!


Differentiated Booklets for GCSE

The GCSE lessons come with detailed booklets, each containing differentiated questions. Answer sheets are provided allowing students to peer and self assess, reducing your marking workload but still enabling students to learn from their mistakes and make excellent progress.


GCSE BrainQuest Worksheets


CSUK:BrainQuest is a series of teaching resources for each and every GCSE lesson!

All worksheets come with accompanying answer sheets, once again saving you time with your marking, helping to reduce stress and provide a better work-life balance.

BrainQuests could be used as an engaging lesson activity or could be ideal homework tasks!

If you have any questions about this new resource, feel free to use the contact form below and I will get back to you as soon as I can!

A-Level Resources

Membership offers A-Level resources too with lesson presentations covering all aspects of the A-Level. There are also a growing set of lesson booklets (with answers) and video lessons, supporting students through the tough but enjoyable course.


Procedural Python, GUI Building & Object Oriented Python

It is not just KS3, 4 & 5 lesson resources that CSUK offers. Membership also provides a growing range of programming guides covering procedural python, as well as GUI building guides and Object Oriented Python.

CSUK Member Testimonials

Here’s what CSUK’s wonderful subscribers say:

Ms Matthews

Wingate School, Tenerife

Without the excellent resources from Computer Science UK I would be lost. The presentations, workbooks and assessments ensure that every element of computer science is fully covered even though I teach CIE. Thank you CSUK, brilliant and appreciated work.

Cathryn Armer

Northleigh House School, UK

We’ve mainly used the CSUK resources to help teach GCSE OCR Computer Science, although Schemes of Work for Key Stage 3,4 & 5 is included in the one price. They comprehensively cover every part of the GCSE specification and each slide shows how it fits into the overall topic context. User-friendly explanations are given and there are lots of examples – especially useful for Component Two: Computational Thinking paper.
I highly recommend these resources. I’ve always found the site author easily accessible and more than happy to help with any queries. The site is constantly updated where new & improved items are added.

Mr Collier

Admiral Lord Nelson School, UK

As an NQT in a new school where I am the first CS specialist there wasn’t a lot in the way of lesson plans and resources for the CS GCSE. This fantastic website isn’t just fantastic value for money, it contains a veritable cornucopia of entertaining and educational lesson plans, with in depth knowledge and engaging tasks. I highly recommend this resource to any CS teacher.

Want to see more testimonials?


CSUK:ReviseCS offers TRACKABLE online courses for your students.

Videos, presentations, notes, flashcards & assessments… everything they need to progress and prepare for their GCSE course. 

For only £114.99 you can get a CSUK:ReviseCS teacher membership allowing you to create unlimited groups and enrol unlimited numbers of students.

For students their are video lessons, interactive lesson presentations, lesson notes, over 500 embedded and printable flashcards, over 400 multiple choice question quizzes, interactive learning checks, points and badges, task setting with deadlines and so much more.

For teachers, there are student engagement reports, class progress reports, quiz analytics, class task setting with deadlines, full student email and password controls and more.

CSUK:ReviseCS is the complete Computer Science course companion and revision package for you and your students.

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